Not being able to collect rent on time can be frustrating, since most rent payments have small grace periods and if tenants don’t pay in full, they risk being evicted. Many nonprofit organizations offer one-time rental assistance or grants that provide temporary, emergency assistance to help a household pay rent during a financial hardship to prevent/avoid eviction. Funding and availability of rental assistance programs is often limited, and can vary from month to month.


If your tenants are experiencing financial hardship and need assistance paying their energy bill, you can refer them to call for Energy Assistance to help pay their heating/energy bills during the fall, winter and spring months. Energy Assistance Programs can help if they pay for their heat separate from their rent and in some cases if their heat is included in their rent. Funding and availability of Energy Assistance is often limited, and can vary from month to month.


Whether you are looking for rental assistance or energy assistance, a Housing Navigator at Colorado Housing Connects can connect you with the best, most appropriate resources for your situation.

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