Have you ever had tenant/landlord questions? If you've been a renter, the answer is probably YES.

We've provided some helpful information below, but if you have questions the best thing you

can do is talk to a HUD-approved housing counselor about your situation. When you call

1-844-926-6632, a Housing Navigator at Colorado Housing Connects will help you do just that.

If more than one person signs the lease, each person can be held responsible for the payment of rent and other terms of the lease.

In the state of Colorado, there is no "grace period" to get out of a lease once it

has been signed.

If you're the only person to sign the lease and you have other roommates, YOU are the sole person responsible for the payment of rent, etc.

Unless something affects your safety or "quiet enjoyment of the premises," the landlord may not be responsible for repairs on the property. Read the lease!

You signed a lease, and now have a place to live AND a new landlord.

These are some good things to know.

Unless otherwise stated, a tenant is typically required

to give the landlord 30 days notice prior to vacating

the property.

A landlord must return your deposit within one month after the end of the lease, unless otherwise stated. However, the time cannot exceed 60 days.