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Colorado Housing Connects’ Christina Morales’ Journey from Eviction to Advocacy

March 22, 2024 by jrios0
Christina Morales, a Housing Navigator with Colorado Housing Connects, assists a Denver resident with rental assistance applications at the Denver City and County Building. Every week, she’s there to be a lifeline for those facing eviction. 

Christina Morales possesses the knowledge and firsthand experience necessary to offer essential services and resources to callers facing eviction through Colorado Housing Connects (1-844-926-6632).

Morales, employed as a housing navigator at Colorado Housing Connects, assists Coloradans in accessing vital eviction prevention resources. With personal experience navigating eviction struggles and affordable housing challenges, she empathizes with those facing similar situations.

In 2019, her husband passed away after suffering from a brain aneurysm, forcing her to move in with her son so that she could afford housing. But when the COVID-19 pandemic started, Morales’ son had to stop working to take care of her grandson because daycares were closed.

At that time, Morales supported her son and grandson with her income — but when she caught the virus, she couldn’t work for weeks. Although she applied for rental assistance and communicated her situation to her landlord, she was evicted in the end, despite an eviction moratorium being in place at the time.

“I see myself going through it again and again and again. It’s part of a healing process,” said Morales. “It’s not okay what I went through, but I learned from it. I learned that I’m human, and life isn’t always easy. I learned to move forward and to not be discouraged and hard on myself.”

To get by after being evicted, Morales, her son and grandson moved in with her daughter in a one-bedroom apartment. Morales slept on a mattress in the kitchen of the apartment for three months until she was finally able to find affordable housing in Aurora. And thankfully, she was able to work with an attorney to get her eviction overturned.

Today, Morales continues her mission of assisting those in housing crises from a new vantage point. When she isn’t working with clients in a housing crisis over the phone, she is working at the courthouse at the Denver City and County Building, helping individuals access rental assistance when facing eviction. Furthermore, Morales has become a vocal advocate for housing rights, leveraging her experiences to champion fair and accessible housing opportunities.

“I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through. I can feel my clients’ pain,” said Morales. “Some people like me are broken, and we want to help others with whatever they are going through and give them resources and hope.”

Outside of her work with Colorado Housing Connects, Morales has testified before the Colorado Senate — recently in favor of HB 24-1098 — also known as For Cause Eviction. If the law is passed, tenants could continue to rent a property as long as they are paying on time and staying in compliance with other rules in their lease.

In 2022, Morales was also chosen by United for New Economy, a Colorado nonprofit that focuses on racial and economic justice, to travel to Washington, D.C., and share the plight of struggling renters during the National Multifamily Housing Council’s annual conference. She and other UNE represented marched in the streets outside the conference, staged peaceful demonstrations in the lobby, and walked through the doors of the conference to share their experiences on a stage.

Morales embodies resilience and compassion as she tirelessly assists individuals grappling with housing crises through her role at Colorado Housing Connects. Drawing from her own experiences of overcoming eviction and housing instability, Morales brings empathy and understanding to her work, providing crucial support to those in need. Her story demonstrates the importance of accessible housing and the lasting impact that eviction can have.

“Colorado Housing Connects is a great resource for people that are facing evictions or a housing crisis. We have the tools and the resources to help those in need — that’s why I love working here,” said Morales.

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